Expert tools to monitor online reviews of your Ecommerce Store

Tracking online reviews of your business or product can be an integral part of building customer trust and building your Ecommerce SEO. Seeing other customers express how much they love your company through their words is a great way to boost sales and build relationships with happy customers. Most likely, you already know about the power of positive word-of-mouth marketing–but did you know that poor criticism can hurt your company as much as praise? Negative feedback is just as powerful. Keep reading to find out more about how you might be able to track and boost positive sentiment.

No matter if you’re just starting out or have already grown into a big business, you need some kind of review tracking software to help you keep up with reviews. It can be difficult to know how much attention to pay each review, especially if you’re getting tons every day. The best way for companies like yours to handle reviews is by using a specialized tool that’s meant for this kind of work–enterprise review software.

You need enterprise-level review reporting and management… but what does that mean, exactly? Basically, small businesses don’t typically need all the features provided by enterprise-grade options because they don’t have the number of clients or reviews needed to necessitate it. However, if your company regularly receives hundreds (or even thousands) of reviews per month, you’ll definitely benefit from using an app specifically designed for larger enterprises.

Tracking and managing reviews is not the only thing that enterprise-level tools do–they also help you to monitor competition and market share. After all, if some of your competitors start getting a significant number of positive reviews, it’s time to worry.

Use RizeReviews for fast and effective review monitoring

RizeReviews was created by a team of marketers who just so happen to be experts in social media marketing. They understand what this means for business owners, which is why they’ve designed their mobile app intended to monitor online reviews with ease of use in mind. This way, you can make quick videos without any hassle or confusion when using the app. What sets RizeReviews apart from other review apps? Mainly its speed and simplicity–there’s no need to learn confusing software just to get video reviews.

Rize is one of the best tools for managing online reviews because it’s scalable–so you don’t pay based on how many clients or products you have. Instead, Rize charges a flat-rate monthly fee so that you always have access to every feature, even as your business grows. The software allows you to review your positive feedback in real-time so that you can thank customers quickly and efficiently–and maybe even ask them to post another review! Plus, with Rize’s awesome support team behind it, you’ll never experience downtime or wait long periods of time for customer service reps to arrive at the chat window.

Other tools that are good for reviewing online reviews include Sweet Tooth , Yotpo, and Cision. Although the aforementioned tools all have a mobile app of their own, some companies might want to use a software that can work on more than one device–and that’s where Revuews comes in handy. A cloud-based platform, Revuews helps you review your reviews from both desktop and mobile devices, making it an awesome choice for any business owner. In fact, Revuews even offers real-time alerts when you get negative feedback so that you can handle it quickly and efficiently before it takes away from your overall positive brand image. Finally, Ginger is a great option if your business has a brick-and-mortar storefront somewhere else other than online–say a physical location in New York City or Chicago. This tool tracks Google My Business reviews, which you can manage from anywhere.


When it comes to managing online reviews, no business owner should have to do it alone–especially when there are so many tools available that make the process easier. Make sure your company is always on top with the best review tracking software or by working with a digital marketing agency to streamline all of your digital efforts to manage reputation and convert as well.