UK Lottery Winner Conceals PS10 million Win from Girlfriend

One UK lottery winner took great care to hide a PS10,000,000 pound win. ($15,471,999 US) Joe Johnson was a lottery winner who had been lured by gold diggers and wanted only his money. He decided to hide his newfound wealth from his future wife. Joe’s future wife Lisa cherishes the ring that he bought her for Christmas during their first year of marriage. Joe’s future wife Lisa didn’t know Joe was a huge lottery winner. Lisa recalls that Joe did not have much money and she was able to see it. It was wonderful for Joe to spend the  data sgp little money he did have on such a thoughtful gift. It meant everything to me, and it still means the world to us.

Joe did everything possible to hide his winnings. Joe stated that Joe had promised Lisa that he would drive him to her in an old, dusty Land Rover during their first date. I dressed down and took her to a PS20 Noodle Bar for their first date. She paid half of all the meals out. I pretend I was a house-sitter for a wealthy friend when I took her home. Our first vacation together was a PS200 holiday in Tenerife, staying in a two-star hotel. I was determined to continue deceiving Lisa in order to get her to marry me.

Lisa, a single mother, was trying to create a better life for her son and herself. Joe visited the cafe where Lisa worked, and eventually asked her out on a date. Lisa recalls that Joe picked her up from Clayhall, Essex, where she rented a two-bedroom apartment. He was wearing jeans and an old top, and asked me if Chinese food was something I enjoyed. I was thrilled. I imagined a small restaurant that would have a table for two. Joe instead took me to a cheap noodles bar. I was shocked. Joe presented me with a bill for PS20. I asked him if he would like me to pay half of it. He thanked me for my help and accepted my payment.

Lisa described a horrible vacation in Tenerife’s cheap hotel. “The hotel was horrible. Because they were having problems with security, our door was secured with a padlock. The curtains were filthy and the mattress was old. It was filthy and I almost cried when it came to the bathroom. The relationship was able to progress and Joe finally decided to confess. Joe recalls that the past few months were difficult because Lisa was so dear to him and that I kept lying to Lisa every day. All I wanted to do when she got home from work was to tell her that she didn’t need to go back.